Sony SmartWatch 2

After the smart phone experiences this is the time to make the watch smarter. Sony was the first company, which has introduced the smart watch to the gadget savvy world. After the smart watch Sony brings new Smart watch 2 for making the smart phone experience more enjoyable by giving the privilege of operating the smart phone from your watch. You can call it as the second screen of your phone.  Switch on your smart phone’s blue-tooth and pair it with Sony smartwatch 2 and enjoy the latest technology.

Sony smartwatch 2 comes with nice look and cool features to compete with other contemporary smart devices. It is best compatible with Sony’s smart phones but do not get disappointed, as it also works with other smart phones. Smart watch 2 looks like Sony’s other high end products like Xperia Tablet Z. It has the same square edges with the same silver power button and it is compatible with 24mm watchbands to give you the flexibility to attach any band you like. The much smaller size gives it a classy look to be adjusted upon your wrist and very easy to use features. Sony proudly announces that smart watch 2 would expand your Android experience and introduces you with the new definition of smarter communication system. It is literally a mirror of your smart phone. There is 1.6inch touch enabled LCD display with 220X176 pixels and a significantly brighter backlight. You will be amazed by its sunlight-readable display. Now you can accept and initiate a call from your smart watch2 and read the text massages. You can also browse your call logs by using the watch as the remote control of your phone.

Smartwatch 2 makes your life easier to be with your friends and family as you can use the preloaded Facebook, Tweeter and Gmail applications. The multiplayer color touch screen would allow you to read all the notifications. Now enjoy and browse most of your smart phone’s applications without even take it out from your pocket. Smartwatch 2 works any Android device version 4.0 or later along with NFC pairing. You can make it even smarter by installing smart extensions of applications. On the smartest way you can look through your phone’s camera viewfinder on the screen. The endless options will definitely snatch your attention.

But before getting set for buying a smartwatch 2, you should take some flaws into your account. The smartwatch 2 only works within Blue-tooth range. You can read your text message and reply with emoticons or pre-written responses but you cannot write to create a new message, as it does not come with keyboard or dial pad. You cannot be able to make a new call by dialing number. You will be able to make a call only from the call logs. Due to this reason you cannot write anything in Facebook or in Tweeter. You will be provided only with the share and like button

PlayStation 4

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 is coming to dominate your living room with very sleek look and most powerful hardware installation. If you will compare it with other available gaming console, then definitely PS4 would win the battle, as it will give you an astonishing gaming experience through 180 games. The main concern behind launching this new gaming console is to give the most impressive experience on this plat form, as well as it will place challenges to the greatest game developers. It will give you the chance to share your latest triumph by pressing a single button during the gaming session. This is not the end; you will be able to broadcast your real-time gaming experience by uploading video.

New PS4 is combined with some advanced applications, which will let you watch the television shows and live sports streaming.  If you compare it with Microsoft’s Xbox One, PS4 is much lighter and smaller, as well as it is claimed that the most known games are looked better in PS4. So, PS4 is a baggage full of entertainment with games, music movies and streaming media application.

The new PS4 comes with slim and sleek look with jet-black color and more compact than Xbox One. Sony plays the trick by tucking the power supply inside. The attached front ridge hides the disc slot and ports to give an elegant look. It would not let you worry about the noise that it could make, as it is much quieter than the other consoles. PS4’s Dual Shock 4 controller is smarter and equivalent to modern age demand. The controller has a headphone jack to give you the chance of passing the audio to any single socket headphone and surprisingly has a rechargeable battery, which takes about 7 hours to be recharged in full. Simple share and option buttons have replaced the start and select buttons.

The boldest feature of the controller is the new click able touch pad. The Remote Play feature would enable you to control your PS4 remotely through a PlayStation Vita portable while the TV is being used in another corner. The draw back of PS4 is that it would not allow you to play audio from library or audio CD, as you have to be the member of Monthly Unlimited Subscription for listening to Mp3 music. Like the other gaming consoles, it also enables you to launch any third party game other than the pre-loaded games. For few games you have to install t least some of it before starting the desired game. The motion control is much more accurate than ever before. The new PS4 is much quicker and faster. The high resolution games will be experienced the best with Sony’s new PlayStation 4.

What Men Buy Online…?

It is believed that men are less interested in shopping online but in reality men spend more money in online purchase. They actually do not like to spend much time in shopping. Due to the low patience threshold men do not like to be asked much personal information and so, they follow those online shopping stores that take minimum time to check out. Quick search and filtration option give men comfortable shopping experience, as men naturally want to make a quick decision.  Men are less concerned about the delivery costs or product costs; they ready to pay the amount if the product meets their expectations, as they are realistic to the facts and do not bother to pay extra value for quicker delivery. If the product does not serve the purpose as they have expected, men are more likely to interact the customer services.

Generally men browse the online stores when they want to buy some personal items; else they prefer to visit the local stores to buy the family needs or gift items. Though according to the report iProspect 70% of US men prefer to buy online and even ¼ of them like to make weekly purchase. Digital products acquire maximum of the online purchases that men often like to commit. The modern fashion conscious generations are more concerned about the lifestyle products. So, the grooming products come next after the electronic gadgets among the most favorite online shopping products for men. According to IBM Global Business Services, sales of male apparel have been grown to 8.26% in the first half of 2012. The social media marketing and lot of fashion magazines have given much exposure to the male fashion definition that are dramatically increasing the appetite of adopting new fashion styles for men.

More than 30% of male online shoppers like to check the social networks to be updated about the latest trend. Obviously the volume of merchandises do not touch male’s interest but male are more likely to pick the product that fulfill their maximum lifestyle needs. Last but not the least is the health products, as men shopper prefer to buy medicine or other health products over internet because they think it would give them a vast knowledge on specific medicine. Latest electronic gadgets and fashion products are the things that men often search for online shopping. So, it can be said that the male shopping category is very specific and mostly depends on the personal importance and need.

Google Glass

What would it be if you own a wearable gadget, which will allow you to control all the applications through voice over prompting! Yes, google has introduced new Google-Glass to let you invent the world through glass.  Google-Glass is a smart electronic communication device. Now spectacle is not only to give the brighter vision but gives you the smarter ways to communicate. Google-Glass is not an extension of the Android electronic gadgets but it itself is a gadget that gives you the ability to use all the applications even without moving your hands. You will be able to catch the new ways of using latest applications.

You have to wear the glass and look at the object and utter words to take a photo or record video. The inbuilt 4GB memory allows you to store the recorded videos or pictures and even you can share those on social networking sites, as well as you can email them. A voice command is enough to display the text messages and make a reply to them. Via Google-Glass you can explore the new definition of searching experience. If you have any question in your mind, you have just to tell the question before your Google-Glass and it will display all the probable answers in front of your eye. Using google maps and managing tasks would be easier with a Google-Glass device. The integrated digital voice assistant will help you by assisting throughout the day. The coolest and spellbound feature is Google Translator. If any language is unknown to you, let your Google-Glass do it for your favor. Google-Glass will transform the unknown language into you home language and would display it before you. So with a Google-Glass gadget and many smart applications, traveling through an unknown location or country would be more enjoyable.

Smartest features in Google-Glass:

  1. Record Video and Take Picture with voice command
  2. New style of browsing and sending text messages along with emails
  3. Google Things
  4. Google Map
  5. Google Now
  6. Translator.

Google-Glass is a wearable android-powered spectacle frame, which holds a small display in front of right eye. The magical prism screen plays the trick and let you see without obstructing your view. The touch sensitive frame on right temple, the small speaker on right ear and the digital voice assistant enable you to communicate with this smart device. The plastic finish durable frame comes with attractive color and design. Google-Glass is actually a hands-free device with maximum features of a computer and enable you to access Internet and share your thoughts via social networks. Warby Parker and Ray Ban are being considered partnership, as Google-Glass does not come with attached lenses.

Five Things which Women Love to Buy Online

Women love to shop so much that shopping is synonymous with women. Women like to spend maximum of money in shopping no matter what she actually intend to buy. The online shopping facility has opened a new window for them to give a lovely blush to the shopping experience. It is being expected that women will control two third of total consumer wealth in United States over the upcoming years. A family revolves around a woman and that is why women not only like to buy things just for own but also they purchase every household product along with the needs of other family members. They are also expert in buying male products. Most of the women claim that the advertisements cannot move their mind; they buy things according to their own desires. 78% of US women make online research before purchasing anything over Internet. Most of the women like to shop online because there are verity of products available to be compared.  Though there is a never-ending list of what women buy online but undoubtedly some specific categories acquire the entire shopping idea of women.

Cosmetics: Maximum numbers of US women like to purchase cosmetics online, as it gives them the ability to brows through variety of versions. Most of the female online shoppers spend more than 60% of total spending to purchase the beauty products. No doubt that the beauty products are attached to their emotional bonding.

Jewelry: Diamond is woman’s best friend. So when it is the question of buying a jewelry product, women go sensitive. In spite of that, jewelry products are able to find its place among the top 5 products that women buy online. US women avoid buying the precious jewelry items online and they are more interested to buy the imitation items and lower price products.

Perfume: Perfume is another product that women love to shop online. They not only chose the fragrance to satisfy themselves but also they are very passionate over choosing the perfect perfume for their male partner. Women find it cheaper in online shopping than the departmental stores.

Shoes: Though buying online a perfect pair of shoes is quite tricky, as it needs to be comfortable but women are likely to prefer online purchasing the desired pair of shoes. Here women play a trick also. They visit to the department store to select the shoes and then order it online. Some online store offer customized shoes, which give women the chance to design the pattern themselves. This is another reason why women prefer online shopping.

Cloths: This is the most consumed online product by women. Almost all the online shopping stores keep a large area and facilities for the cloths. It has been noticed that the biggest selling cloth in US is the classic blue jeans along with modern available patterns. Women love to increase the volume of their clothes in their wardrobe. They buy what they need; they buy what they desire, as well as they buy what catches their mind.