Google Glass

What would it be if you own a wearable gadget, which will allow you to control all the applications through voice over prompting! Yes, google has introduced new Google-Glass to let you invent the world through glass.  Google-Glass is a smart electronic communication device. Now spectacle is not only to give the brighter vision but gives you the smarter ways to communicate. Google-Glass is not an extension of the Android electronic gadgets but it itself is a gadget that gives you the ability to use all the applications even without moving your hands. You will be able to catch the new ways of using latest applications.

You have to wear the glass and look at the object and utter words to take a photo or record video. The inbuilt 4GB memory allows you to store the recorded videos or pictures and even you can share those on social networking sites, as well as you can email them. A voice command is enough to display the text messages and make a reply to them. Via Google-Glass you can explore the new definition of searching experience. If you have any question in your mind, you have just to tell the question before your Google-Glass and it will display all the probable answers in front of your eye. Using google maps and managing tasks would be easier with a Google-Glass device. The integrated digital voice assistant will help you by assisting throughout the day. The coolest and spellbound feature is Google Translator. If any language is unknown to you, let your Google-Glass do it for your favor. Google-Glass will transform the unknown language into you home language and would display it before you. So with a Google-Glass gadget and many smart applications, traveling through an unknown location or country would be more enjoyable.

Smartest features in Google-Glass:

  1. Record Video and Take Picture with voice command
  2. New style of browsing and sending text messages along with emails
  3. Google Things
  4. Google Map
  5. Google Now
  6. Translator.

Google-Glass is a wearable android-powered spectacle frame, which holds a small display in front of right eye. The magical prism screen plays the trick and let you see without obstructing your view. The touch sensitive frame on right temple, the small speaker on right ear and the digital voice assistant enable you to communicate with this smart device. The plastic finish durable frame comes with attractive color and design. Google-Glass is actually a hands-free device with maximum features of a computer and enable you to access Internet and share your thoughts via social networks. Warby Parker and Ray Ban are being considered partnership, as Google-Glass does not come with attached lenses.