PlayStation 4

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 is coming to dominate your living room with very sleek look and most powerful hardware installation. If you will compare it with other available gaming console, then definitely PS4 would win the battle, as it will give you an astonishing gaming experience through 180 games. The main concern behind launching this new gaming console is to give the most impressive experience on this plat form, as well as it will place challenges to the greatest game developers. It will give you the chance to share your latest triumph by pressing a single button during the gaming session. This is not the end; you will be able to broadcast your real-time gaming experience by uploading video.

New PS4 is combined with some advanced applications, which will let you watch the television shows and live sports streaming.  If you compare it with Microsoft’s Xbox One, PS4 is much lighter and smaller, as well as it is claimed that the most known games are looked better in PS4. So, PS4 is a baggage full of entertainment with games, music movies and streaming media application.

The new PS4 comes with slim and sleek look with jet-black color and more compact than Xbox One. Sony plays the trick by tucking the power supply inside. The attached front ridge hides the disc slot and ports to give an elegant look. It would not let you worry about the noise that it could make, as it is much quieter than the other consoles. PS4’s Dual Shock 4 controller is smarter and equivalent to modern age demand. The controller has a headphone jack to give you the chance of passing the audio to any single socket headphone and surprisingly has a rechargeable battery, which takes about 7 hours to be recharged in full. Simple share and option buttons have replaced the start and select buttons.

The boldest feature of the controller is the new click able touch pad. The Remote Play feature would enable you to control your PS4 remotely through a PlayStation Vita portable while the TV is being used in another corner. The draw back of PS4 is that it would not allow you to play audio from library or audio CD, as you have to be the member of Monthly Unlimited Subscription for listening to Mp3 music. Like the other gaming consoles, it also enables you to launch any third party game other than the pre-loaded games. For few games you have to install t least some of it before starting the desired game. The motion control is much more accurate than ever before. The new PS4 is much quicker and faster. The high resolution games will be experienced the best with Sony’s new PlayStation 4.