Sony SmartWatch 2

After the smart phone experiences this is the time to make the watch smarter. Sony was the first company, which has introduced the smart watch to the gadget savvy world. After the smart watch Sony brings new Smart watch 2 for making the smart phone experience more enjoyable by giving the privilege of operating the smart phone from your watch. You can call it as the second screen of your phone.  Switch on your smart phone’s blue-tooth and pair it with Sony smartwatch 2 and enjoy the latest technology.

Sony smartwatch 2 comes with nice look and cool features to compete with other contemporary smart devices. It is best compatible with Sony’s smart phones but do not get disappointed, as it also works with other smart phones. Smart watch 2 looks like Sony’s other high end products like Xperia Tablet Z. It has the same square edges with the same silver power button and it is compatible with 24mm watchbands to give you the flexibility to attach any band you like. The much smaller size gives it a classy look to be adjusted upon your wrist and very easy to use features. Sony proudly announces that smart watch 2 would expand your Android experience and introduces you with the new definition of smarter communication system. It is literally a mirror of your smart phone. There is 1.6inch touch enabled LCD display with 220X176 pixels and a significantly brighter backlight. You will be amazed by its sunlight-readable display. Now you can accept and initiate a call from your smart watch2 and read the text massages. You can also browse your call logs by using the watch as the remote control of your phone.

Smartwatch 2 makes your life easier to be with your friends and family as you can use the preloaded Facebook, Tweeter and Gmail applications. The multiplayer color touch screen would allow you to read all the notifications. Now enjoy and browse most of your smart phone’s applications without even take it out from your pocket. Smartwatch 2 works any Android device version 4.0 or later along with NFC pairing. You can make it even smarter by installing smart extensions of applications. On the smartest way you can look through your phone’s camera viewfinder on the screen. The endless options will definitely snatch your attention.

But before getting set for buying a smartwatch 2, you should take some flaws into your account. The smartwatch 2 only works within Blue-tooth range. You can read your text message and reply with emoticons or pre-written responses but you cannot write to create a new message, as it does not come with keyboard or dial pad. You cannot be able to make a new call by dialing number. You will be able to make a call only from the call logs. Due to this reason you cannot write anything in Facebook or in Tweeter. You will be provided only with the share and like button